R & D

Chandra Musical Instruments started its journey under the guidance of  Subhajit Chandra. He is the proprietor of Chandra Musical Instruments. After establishment, Chandra Musical Instruments develop itself widely. From manufacturing to the offering after sales pass through a lot of research works several times in today’s competitive environment towards customer satisfaction.

Mr. Subhajit Chandra, sole Proprietor of this Organization, has a lot of experience in musical accessories province. He introduces us constantly about latest design and market trends. Under his guidance, many creative techniques and unconventional steps have been applied in manufacturing of violin accessories and other musical instrument accessories which are proved to be very helpful to get our craving business success. After manufacturing, every product has to pass through a strict quality control tests and our quality control unit is developed by time to time.

Our expert team is very enthusiastic and takes the prime role in every creative work. They are always ready to update their knowledge about latest design and trends. In Chandra Musical Instruments every creative work is done with our expert team member under the guidance of Mr. Subhajit Chandra and with the help of those revolutionary works Chandra Musical Instruments modernizes every time, all the members are able to improve their knowledge for delivering world-class product to our esteemed customers.

Some unconventional steps in Research and Developmental work in Chandra Musical Instruments

♣ All the creative and developmental works done under the guidance of most experienced and dedicated person of our Company Mr. Subhajit Chandra, Founder and Proprietor of Chandra Musical Instruments.

♣ The main motto of our Research and Developmental works is to keep up the product quality and offer them to our Global customer at a very competitive price.

♣ Our expert team members are very enthusiastic in creative work and updating their knowledge based on latest design and technique.

♣ To offer more efficient service to our Global customers, we have started to taking the help of information technologies under the supervision of Mr. Subhajit Chandra, Founder and Proprietor of Chandra Musical Instruments.

♣ All the creative and developmental work done for maintaining the product quality, better service and achieve top business success in the competitive market. 

In past 30 years Chandra Musical Instruments has become familiar name to our Global customers as a musical instruments exporters not only for world-class quality product comparing with other musical instrument parts and supplies, also for cheap price. The Research and Development unit is integral part of our Organization and all our innovative steps are the most important part of our business success.

According to our belief that quality product is our pride and satisfied customers are our asset. This is the fundamental view of our organization. This fundamental view underlies behind every aspect of our organization. We also believe that all the innovative steps of our organization, superlative performance of our team and expert guidance of Mr. Subhajit Chandra sure will lead us towards the top of business success.